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Some things are just meant to be.  The pairing of Kansas City-native Chris Hazelton with the Hammond B-3 Organ is one such instance.  Having grown up playing both bass and piano, the switch to the instrument that combines both rolls came naturally.  Under the tutelage of organ jazz master Everette DeVan and the legendary Dr. Lonnie Smith, Chris has developed into an artist possessing a potent mixture of tradition and groove combined with adventurous improvisation and forward-thinking compositional skills.

Hazelton’s working trio consists of guitar-phenom Danny Embrey and drummer Kevin Frazee, mainstays of the Kansas City jazz scene and beyond.  The trio’s 2012 album “Peregrination” was released on the Artists Recording Collective and received steady radio play on several stations across the United States.

Chris has lived and performed in New York City, but again calls Kansas City his home.

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“This is an organ trio with it’s own voice and it’s own identity, blazing it’s own trail and not trying to necessarily follow the trail set by others…. The Chris Hazelton Trio make it sound as simple as tying your shoes”
-Brent Black,

“Hazelton’s impeccable work on his Hammond B-3 was thick and fearsome.”
-Bill Brownlee,

“Chris is another great addition to the Kansas City organ tradition, and those of us who dig this tradition will be in good hands (and feet) for some time, it seems to me.”
-Roger Atkinson, KC Jazz Ambassadors Magazine

“This trio: It swings, it thrills, it delights.
It’s B3 organ jazz music you’ll love many nights.”
-Larry Kopitnik,

“The future of the modern organ trio setting in all its varieties is in more than capable hands of an artist that is technically proficient but more than artistically gifted.”
-Brent Black,