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Recorded December 2011 direct to 2″ analog tape at Westend Studios in Kansas City, KS.
Released May 17th, 2012 on Artists Recording Collective.



1.  Harlem Groove  (Clarke)
2.  LGE  (Hazelton)
3.  Achilles Heel  (Hazelton)
4.  For God So Loved the World  (Wolfe)
5.  The Sneak  (Hazelton)
6.  Have You Met Miss Jones  (Rodgers & Hart)
7.  Door Prize  (Embrey)
8.  The Groove Starts Here  (Hazelton)
9.  Weaver of Dreams  (Young)

10.  Peregrination  (Hazelton)



Chris Hazelton – Hammond B-3 Organ
Danny Embrey – Guitar
Kevin Frazee – Drums

“Why does ‘Peregrination’ work so well?  Simple… nothing is forced.  This is an organ trio with it’s own voice and it’s own identity, blazing it’s own trail and not trying to necessarily follow the trail set by others.  This release knows when to push forward and when to pull back.  Changing dynamics and harmonics while working without a net is a difficult thing to do.  The Chris Hazelton Trio make it sound as simple as tying your shoes”
-Brent Black,

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Peregrination is a super set, with strong contributions from all in this tight trio. Hazelton has selected awesome material, contributed a few originals, and it all works.”
-Roger Atkinson, KC Jazz Ambassadors Magazine

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© 2012 Chris Hazelton